Why Join NAIFA?

1. With so many financial services membership associations to choose from, why join NAIFA?

Like many top financial services associations, NAIFA provides its members with world-class education, training, and sales and marketing resources, but that's where the similarities end. What sets NAIFA apart are three important factors. First, we are industry's leading voice on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures. We are committed to protecting the careers of our members, as well as their clients' interests, from unfavorable legislation and regulation. NAIFA does this with support from APIC, its highly regarded grassroots political involvement program, and IFAPAC, one of the largest political action committees in the financial services industry. Second, the quality of our membership is second to none, so you'll have networking opportunities and access to great ideas and top-notch practitioners that you won't find anywhere else. And third, NAIFA members receive a free subscription to Advisor Today, the official publication of NAIFA and the number one resource for sales ideas and industry news for insurance and financial advisors.

2. What can NAIFA provide me that I can't already get from the company I work with?

NAIFA provides members with opportunities to network and share ideas with some of the most talented advisors in the industry. You can take advantage of monthly meetings sponsored by local associations, as well as attend state sales congresses and our national convention and career conference. Most local associations also offer LUTC classes, which provide members with practical, peer study group sessions that have been shown to dramatically increase production. Plus, NAIFA members can access a suite of cutting-edge sales and marketing resources, some of which may not be available to you through your company affiliations.

3. Can NAIFA help me grow my business?

Helping you grow your business is NAIFA's core mission. No matter how long you've been in the business or where your career is headed, NAIFA has programs and services to help your bottom line. And when it comes to great sales ideas, you'll get them at local association meetings, from our award-winning magazine Advisor Today, and even on the Internet through eTIPS, our new Classic Sales program, and our online idea exchange. We also help you grow your business through our impressive suite of sales and marketing resources, everything from a program to help you create a first-class Web presence to state-of-the-art client management software. Practice management advice and discounts on a wide range of business services help you run your practice efficiently and cost-effectively. It really is smart to belong to NAIFA!

4. Is NAIFA mostly a life insurance group or can it help me in other areas too?

NAIFA is an insurance-based financial services organization with a diverse membership that includes life and health insurance agents, benefits specialists, multiline agents, financial advisors and advanced planners. While it is true that our members share a common philosophy that a sound financial plan is built on a foundation of life insurance and other risk management products, we offer programs and services across the full spectrum of the financial services business. Regardless of your marketing niche, NAIFA provides opportunities for networking with the best in the business in all areas of specialization.

5. How much does it cost to join NAIFA, NAIFA California and NAIFA LA?

Membership in NAIFA is $565.00 annually which includes your Local, State and National Dues.
Dues can be deducted monthly with credit card or checking account

Need More Information about Becoming A Member?
Call the Association office @ 213.500.4946